Stargazing Cabins is a small business run by big hearts. Paul and Poppy – with the fantastic support of family and friends – set up three unique stargazing cabins on their family-run farm with stunning rural views across the Blackdown Hills in Devon.

The Faces Behind The Scenes

We have an amazing network of friends and family (who we would be lost without) but on a day-to-day basis it’s just us.

Creating Stargazing Cabins

The stargazing cabins were hand-built on the farm, designed to help you connect more with the natural world and night sky. Large windows allow for lots of natural light to flood into the cabins and great opportunities to gaze at the stars. The combination of raised decks with outdoor baths, along with fire-pits and alfresco dining furniture set in beautiful rural spaces allows you to fully immerse yourself in the natural world.

Eco Conscious

Looking after the environment is vital for us at Royal Oak Farm: we have designed and built our off-grid cabins using locally sourced timber; the electricity is generated from our solar panels. We provide hand wash, dish soap and shower gel that are made using naturally derived, cruelty-free ingredients. As part of our re-wilding project, we have planted numerous trees and scattered wild flower seed all around the farm, encouraging a wide range of wildlife.

We use sustainable and regenerative farming methods to help protect and enhance the environment. The aim is to do our bit to improve soil health and reverse climate change. This is achieved by:

  1. Promoting biodiversity – growing cover crops to protect the soil from erosion and ensuring nitrogen-fixing plants can add nutrients to the soil and help with insect and plant diversity;
  2. Avoiding pesticides and artificial fertiliser – this stops chemicals entering into the water cycle and it improves the balance of microbes in the soil;
  3. Eliminating tilling – tilling causes soil erosion and releases substantial amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Eliminating tillage increases carbon sequestration and helps reduce global warming.
  4. Using regenerative grazing management for livestock – our sheep are managed with time-controlled grazing to avoid heavy use of farm machinery to cut the grass and ensure that grassland has sufficient time to regenerate between grazing. This results in an increase in soil carbon deposits, water retention, plant and insect biodiversity and improved soil carbon sequestration (taking carbon from the atmosphere and storing it safely in the ground).

We Look Forward To Welcoming You To The Farm

We would love to share our beautiful farm with you. Our stargazing cabins will provide you with a wonderful environment to relax and unwind, while allowing you to reconnect with nature and marvel at the stars. The farm is also a great place for exploring Devon and Dorset further, such as the Jurassic Coast – just 20 minutes away!

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